2018 SPRING & SUMMER vol. 03

Green’s Green
グリーンズ グリーン

In this article, we have interviewed Mr. Yasunari Sato, the CEO of Green's Green, who is well-known for his brand, MASU MOSS and for opening a Pop-up Shop at CPCM that's going on right now. We are delighted to hear his vision and the story of how he created MASU MOSS, which has been a big hit in foreign import from overseas.

プロフィール Green’s Green代表 佐藤靖也

Mr. Yasunari Sato was originally working in Niigata prefecture, in the horticultural industry, cultivating BONSAI seedlings and moss. In order to expand his business, he aimed to target overseas customers and started producing the company MASU MOSS. In 2013, this project was adopted by “COOL JAPAN” which is a part of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Also, in 2013, he received the Interior Design Award of Maison et Objet in Paris. The following year, in 2014, he moved to North America and presented his artwork in New York. After becoming popular overseas, he started his sales in Japan from 2016 and has become quite popular here now as well.

MASU MOSS was named to be a familiar sound towards overseas customers, as “moss” is in the square of its name. MASU MOSS is cultivated in a warm environment using the woody fuel of "wood pellets" which is made from thinned wood and used as part of forest maintenance. Another important part of the cultivating process is by the technique of bending a branch, raising the roots with a wire, and pushing the roots up to make it a fence. By using this technique, it creates a natural and beautiful structure. This process and aesthetically pleasing outcome makes everyone feel comfortable.

As we mentioned before, MASU MOSS, became popular overseas first, but it was never easy to start there. Bonsai usually uses soil. However, since it is forbidden to carry soil abroad, Mr. Sato tried many times to make moss balls without using soil. As a result, he was finally successful and his method has become a catalyst for spreading Japanese bonsai culture abroad.

Mr. Sato mentioned that his most cherished moment during the overseas expansion of MASU MOSS was when there was an exhibition at the Japanese restaurant "EN Japanese Brasserie", the most popular foreign restaurant in New York. During that exhibition, the movie director, Sofia Coppola came and purchased large quantities of MASU MOSS. He was very impressed and happy about it. This was a big highlight for MASU MOSS.

MASU MOSS is made in Niigata Prefecture. Niigata is a famous area for agriculture, such as rice, sake and also gardening. It has the best bonsai production in Japan. There is a future goal for Mr. Sato to leave MASU MOSS as a new platform for the next generation and to make a new brand as a gardening initiator.  From April 1st, he has started this new endeavor. Like a bonsai called “HIBON”, he is planning to develop more products of moss merchandise for inside interior and lifestyle.

Mr. Sato said that plants change as they grow up. If you grow them like your own child, the process becomes a pleasure. This can be applied to important things in both education and life. Why don’t you welcome bonsai, the Japanese culture, as a way to bring a better life to everyone?

I would like you to enjoy the plants from my pop up, like other clothes and goods at CPCM. It will blend both Japanese and Western themes into your lifestyle.