2018 SPRING & SUMMER vol. 02

エス.イー.エイチ ケリー

In this article, we have interviewed Sara Kelly and Paul Vincent, the designers of British brand S.E.H KELLY. Through this interview, we were able to discover their fascination with and commitment to producing better items every season.

プロフィール S.E.H KELLY エス.イー.エイチ ケリー

In 2009, Sara Kelly, who has worked at Savile Row in London, founded the brand with her partner Paul Vincent. It was their focus on building a brand with not only their knowledge and experience, but also taking high quality fabric and technology into daywear.
Based on the concept of "producing clothes more suitable to wear everyday", they decided to offer independent quality made at a manufacturer in the British Isles.
Using such items as these fabrics and materials are not just a formality, but having this type of quality is their basic standard. It is the foundation of S.E.H KELLY.

The brand name S.E.H KELLY comes from the initial letters of Sarah's name. They found their backbone from old British traditions and specialty stores such as ordinary butchers and bakeries in East London. Nowadays, unfortunately there are not as many family-owned shops that have kept their names on their stores. However, at S.E.H KELLY, they still love their role as a "specialty store of good quality products" and inherit it to this day.

S.E.H KELLY says that the efforts with the local mills and woolen factories to create their products has become one of their greatest pleasures. Having a close relationship with the manufacturers and working hard to make good products has now become their history. However, at the same time, some of their partners have had to close their businesses due to retirement or other reasons. This could be one of their biggest sorrows.

S.E.H KELLY does not produce collection lines with a theme every season. In the process of producing even one item, they take a longer period to select patterns and fabrics, more than a season. They continually upgrade until completing the improvement points gathered from the actual wearer’s opinions even after it’s released. That is the utmost commitment, which S.E.H KELLY has, not only to their products but also to their clients.

S.E.H KELLY says that there is no direct inspiration from any certain place in production. They visited a small island in the British Isles and became interested in making overshirts as a consequence of having seen and held a small piece of cashmere woven fabric made by a family-owned mill. Their products came from such moments on a journey to seeking materials and feelings such as those from their trips.

As a feature of S.E.H KELLY, multicolor development is not offered. This is because of their idea of creating easy-to-coordinate items. However, since their classical design tends to be serious, they try to add functionality and details such as pockets so that it will be loved by many people. Their passion for creation is continuously expressed by repeating the encounter with new things and also good, old things just like a long journey through trial and error. I am looking forward to what's to come in the future from S.E.H KELLY.

JACKET ¥78,000

S.E.H KELLY proposes a minimal wardrobe that may become a modern standard. It would become a great pleasure if you love their pieces for a long period of time, and not just for one season.