2018 SPRING & SUMMER vol. 01

ナンシー ステラ ソト

Unconventional methods of breaking traditional design yet keeping the warmth of being handmade – is Nancy Stella Soto’s signature style. Her collection will be arriving in CPCM for the first time ever this season. LA-based designer, Nancy speaks on herself, the brand, and philosophy of creating clothes.

プロフィール Nancy Stella Soto ナンシー ステラ ソト

After graduating from Central Saint Martins College in UK, Nancy Stella Soto built her career as an apparel designer and launched her very own brand in 2011. She manages all areas from design, pattern making, production management and sales on her own. Her handmade collection is designed with a theme in mind, “Everyday clothing made for you in Los Angeles.” Her unique designs break the rules of traditional items and at the same time concentrate on how the fabric sits on the body and the shape it creates. Combining two different elements of “hide” and “show” is one of the highlights of the collection.

Nancy decided to take on the challenge of starting her own brand with the encouragement from her friends. Having her own collection meant to her that she will be facing continuous challenges of caring about how the garment makes one feel. Committed to choosing the right fabric, she picks the fabrics based on how it sits on the body and shape it creates. She also keeps in mind to create with an intent for longevity-conscious design and durability.

The collection of Nancy Stella Soto is produced with no more than 60 units of each style. Nancy believes that this makes it possible to work on precise detail on each piece. Nancy currently hand-cuts the fine details, which can be said to be impossible with larger collections that are mass produced.

Various “cuts” are applied to many pieces of the Spring/Summer 2018 collection. Vertical cuts are layered which creates a design with movement. This feature is continued from the collection using pleats from the AW17 which emulates a brown paper bag that went through a shredder. The bold bare-cut design gently flows in with the wind will surely pull attention. Just as she received the courage of starting her own brand from her friends, CPCM wishes to have the garments provide courage and confidence to the women who wear Nancy Stella Soto.

COAT ¥52,000

DRESS ¥47,000

Hello CPCM family! I am grateful for your support and I hope you enjoy SS18. Love from Los Angeles!