CPCM(Crafts and Permaculture Country Mall) is
the very first 'CRAFT & CULTURE SHOP' in Japan which mainly focuses on curating crafted items and furniture
alongside Men's & Women's apparel collections and various genres of vintage items.
Based on our concept of permaculture, warm handcrafted art pieces and timeless items have been carefully
selected and installed into the store by our director of CPCM, Takashi Kumagai.
We are introducing a new shopping experience that everything you see in the store is for sale.
You can also relax and enjoy food & beverages which also carries on the concept of permaculture.

CPCM(Crafts and Permaculture Country Mall)は、
クラフト作家(手工芸でものづくりを する作家・アーティスト)の雑貨、家具、メンズアパレル、
レディースアパレル、様々なジャンル のヴィンテージなど、上質かつ温もりのあるスタイルを提案する、
日本初のCRAFT & CULTURE ショップ。


店内 には新しい食を提案するFOOD&DRINKスタンドも併設され、